Save BIG by having your legal documents served in Massachusetts /New Hamphire within 2-5
business days for a low fee. And obtain an Affidavit of Service after we effect
service of process.
Get your court papers served by our process servers in New York if you have a:


  •  Summons with Notice -Action for Divorce
  •  Summons Support and Petition
  •  Summons and Petition for Visitation
  •  Spouse Support Summons and Petition
  •  Order of Protection
  •  Summons with Endorsed Complaint
  •  Subpoena for Records and Subpoena to Testify
  •  Thirty Day Notice Terminating Tenancy
  •  Notice of Petition Hold Over and Petition Hold Over
  •  Notice of Petition Non-Payment and Petition Non-Payment
  •  Court Order/Decision
  •  Demand Letter
  •  Notice to Quit
  •  Notice to Tenant
  •  Judgment
  •  Citation or Summons
  •  Notice of Claim and Order to Appear in Court
  •  Writ of Summons
  •  Within 2-5 business days, our process servers will serve your court papers.  Then we
    will issue a duly notarized afidavit of service (return of service
    ) for you to bring to Court. Said affidavit
    of service will be sent to your home, office or directly to the said court.